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OC S16 2

Opening Ceremony Spring 2016


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ML S16

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016

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MG S16

Mansur Gavriel Spring 2016

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Dizon Inc. in Numbers blog post SMALL SIZE

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This week we are featuring Meriah Schultz on our blog, she is a beloved member of the Dizon Inc. family as producer and friend. We sat down with Meriah and asked her a few questions about design, fashion and music. Scroll down to see the interview and learn more about some of her latest projects.

Meriah 4

What’s your favorite thing about working fashion week?
The Dizon Inc. wrap party!

What inspires you in your own life or work?
Ideas that come from other industries like art, science, and literature. I like confluences and mash-ups of thoughts or imagery that come together to create something new and exciting.

What are 3 artists (or designers) you are feeling/ following right now?
Lygia Clark, Rochelle Goldberg, Dries Van Noten (always)

What are you working on right now?
I’m doing some creative direction for Bensen furniture and also making a newspaper for complexgeometries with my own photographs (see Meriah’s Photography Tumblr here). In my spare time: I am learning beekeeping, and have an architectural project that I plan on doing with the bees next year!

What are you reading now (books/Magazines)?
Apartamento magazine, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. LeGuin, and The Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edward de Waal

What are the 3 most played songs/albums on your iTunes?
Dance Yrslf Clean by LCD Soundsystem, One Million Lovers by the Growlers, Cheree by Suicide

What are you watching right now?
Revisiting all of Ingmar Bergman. I am especially loving Persona right now.

List 3 go to items you can’t live without:
My phone (I hate it, but it’s true), bright lipstick, and my bicycle.

Where is your favorite place in the city to eat?
Souen if I’m feeling healthy, Il Buco if I’m not

List 3 fashion week essentials:
Pens, the girls at Dizon, and a sense of humour!

Does fashion have a place in your life out side of work? If so, in what way?
Of course. I love seeing how the trends we see during NYFW penetrate culture and can actually change it. EVERYONE is affected by these shows whether they like it or not. I also LOVE clothes, so that helps!

InForm Interiors
Meriah 6
Inform Interiors is a retail store that was started by my family 51 years ago with the goal of bringing contemporary European design to the Canadian market. It is a really unique store that almost feels like a museum. We also have a beautiful rooftop, which is where I keep my bees!

Urban Beekeeping
Meriah 2

Meriah 3  Meriah 1
I got my first hive earlier this Spring, and realized quite quickly that there was a potential to beautify the hive itself and make it more architectural. So, I am working with a group of architects and designers to design functional, but architecturally interesting hives. As urban beekeeping becomes more popular, it seems like a great opportunity to integrate design into this beautiful natural process. 

Meriah 5
Bensen is a Canadian furniture manufacturer that was started by my stepfather, Niels Bendtsen. All designs and products are made here in downtown Vancouver. I have been working with them to do creative direction and color selections for their various visual and print presentations.

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This week we are revealing the second post of our series on light as set design. This posts focus is using color to complement the designer’s collection. To see our first blog post on light staging, click here.

Creatures of the Wind FW13

Proenza Schouler SS12

Thakoon FW12

Proenza Schouler FW14



Photography by Eli Schmidt and Antonella Zangheri.

anatomy of a set, Design, Set Design, throwback thursday

For our first installment in a two-part series, today we are looking back at some spectacular set designs from past seasons with one consistent element: using light as staging. In the examples below the lighting schemes are more graphic/ structural in their design. Using light for a fashion show is necessary to highlight the clothing as well as to set a certain mood but it has also become an important element when creating the backdrop for the show that will compliment the collection.

Helmut Lang SS14

Proenza Schouler SS10

Helmut Lang FW14

Milly by Michelle Smith SS13

Helmut Lang SS13

Proenza Schouler FW11

Milly by Michelle Smith FW14

Photography by Eli Schmidt, Keetja Allard and Antonella Zangheri.

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As fashion week Spring 2015 is on its way, the Fall 2014 collections are in store and the first campaigns are popping up. Below some of the latest campaigns from our clients; Proenza Schouler, Milly by Michelle Smith, Kenneth Cole and ICB.


Proenza Schouler’s fall campaign was shot by David Sims and features some of the memorable muted print garments from the runway show on model Julia Bergshoeff.

For more information about the campaign, click here.


Actress and model Drake Burnette (famous from the Larry Clark movie: “Marfa Girl”) is the star of Milly’s fall campaign, shot by Cedric Bucket. For more information visit Milly’s blog or WWD.


Kenneth Cole’s new fall campaign was shot by Gregory Harris, featuring models: Sung Jin Park and Kai Newman. The fall campaign is named ‘Look Good, For Good” wanting to encourage people to take action instead of raising awareness to social problems. For more information on the campaign, click here.


Joan Smalls is for the second season in a row, the star of ICB’s fall campaign. Who was shot by Daniel Jackson. To celebrate the new campaign ICB threw a party and collaborated with Def Jam to create a ‘mixtape’ reflecting the collection (see below). For more information, click here.

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As September fashion week is coming closer and closer, we are looking back at the last fashion week in February for Fall/Winter 2014. Enjoy below the fun backstage pictures.


Photography by Eli Schmidt.