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This week, we are looking back at the H/MU of one of our 2009 productions; the Jonathan Saunders Spring 2009 show. Backstage, Saunders talked about ‘color’ being his main focus (see The result was a bright, electric and graphic collection, which came to life as well on the model’s faces. World-renowned make-up artist Pat McGrath created a very colorful make-up look to complement the collection, focusing on the eyes.


Make-up by Pat McGrath

Photography by Keetja Allard.

backstage look, Fashion Week, Flashback, Makeup Breakdown, throwback thursday

Today we are giving you a glimpse backstage at the hair and make-up environment during fashion shows. Usually it is a very crowded and busy atmosphere, creating lots of noise, scents and most of all: craziness.

The first step in creating a beauty-look for a show is setting up a hair and make-up test meeting to determine the final look, this takes place a few days before the show and involves the designer, stylist, hair stylist and make-up artist. In the pictures below we give you a closer view at the beauty-look for the Monique Lhuillier S/S14 fashion show and some exciting backstage shots from various past shows.



Photography by Eli Schmidt and Antonella Zangheri

Make-Up by Val Garland


backstage look, Creatures of The Wind, Fashion Week, Makeup Breakdown

Bright colored eyeshadow is one of the big Makeup trends from the Spring 2013 Runways that designers were saying YES to! This particular look can sometimes push the boundaries of “acceptable” day time makeup but since we are dreaming of spring why not try a little color on your lids… Here are a few examples of how this Spring trend was used in our shows.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2013

Milly Spring 2013

Creatures of The Wind Spring 2013

photos by Dizon Inc. and Eli Schmidt

Fashion Week, Makeup Breakdown

To celebrate the impending spring season here are a few of our favorite “fresh face” hair and make-up looks from our Spring 2012 shows…

Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 Hair & Make-up Test

Milly Spring 2012 Hair & Make-up Test

Thakoon Spring 2012 backstage at show

Araks Spring 2012 backstage at show


Makeup Breakdown

Technically this beauty look is so Fall 2010. In the weird world of seasons in the fashion industry, it was a twinkle in our eye over a year ago backstage at Milly. Yet its our favorite look to transition into the summer. The subtle faded cat eye and flushed cheeks would be perfect for a summer evening. When everyone else is drowning in bronzer, this look is smoldering and pretty and light. Uh-oh, those summer nights.

360° TEST


Makeup Breakdown

Its easy in the fashion industry to get lost in time. Just when you are sick of every single item in your winter wardrobe, wondering whether your skin will ever again see light unfiltered by the coils of a wool sweater, the fashion world throws you a whole month of clothing to keep you tethered to that winter attitude. Can I already be mentally applying the dark and moody makeup of the Fall 2011 shows, when all I really want is a face tinged with sunburn to prove I exist? I burn, therefore I am.

Even though the first day of April in New York is swirling with snowflakes, spring WILL come. I have to remind myself how last September I was eagerly waiting to pair Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2011 Hair and Makeup (by Paul Hanlon and Diane Kendal, respectively) with light, sunny clothing. Proenza’s beauty is always appealing because it feels attainable and embraces LIVING. I see my own bird’s nest hair and dark eye circles every morning in the mirror as I fly out the door and can pretend, “that’s ok, its Proenza.” Well, maybe its a far stretch, but there is something cool about embracing the flaws, because modern girls can’t spend their lives at a vanity. We have places to go, bird’s nests and all.

360° TEST