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Gayle Dizon Comments on the future of fashion shows

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On Monday morning Dover Street Market re-opened with a ‘new beginning’, after they closed down the store for the weekend to execute a mini-renovation as part of their periodic transformations (every 6 to 12 months). The result is a refreshing interior offering new designers and exclusive collaborations. Among the new designers are Hood by Air and Melitta Baumeister. Some of the new exclusive collaborations available are the R.T. collection for Nike, the Kanye for A.P.C. collection and the sneaker line by Raf Simons for Addidas. With the new interior, designers and exclusive collaboration available, Dover Street Market certainly is worth the ‘Best Conceptual Store’ title awarded by New York Magazine.


Photography by rubenvdb


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This week we are featuring artist Kysa Johnson on our blog, she is a member of the Dizon Inc. family and joins us every fashion week as a freelance coordinator. We sat down with Kysa and asked her a few questions about art, fashion and food. Scroll down to see the interview and a few of her recent installations.


What’s your favorite thing about working fashion week and what keeps you coming back every season?
The amazing people I get to work with! The camaraderie and the chance to be a part of a smart talented group of people working towards a common creative goal.

What inspires you in your own life or work?
Ohhh so much but mostly nature and science. The sense that everything we are surrounded by at all scales is subject to the same basic physical laws and principles and that these laws and principles are over-arching and elegant.

What are the 3 most played songs/albums on your iTunes?
The War on Drugs, William Onyeabor, an old mix made by my husband called “What’s the Rumpus?”

What are you watching right now?
Sooo much good TV! True Detective, Halt and Catch Fire, Veep, Louie, the Leftovers seems promising, Cosmos…. and embarrassingly I watched about 3 episodes of I Wanna Marry Harry on demand the other night. It was way too terrible to turn off.

List 3 fashion week essentials:
Clothes with pockets, coffee, lip balm

Does fashion have a place in your life out side of fashion week? If so, in what way?
Yes! I love clothes soooo much. I love finding those key pieces each year which define that particular time in your life and I have a vintage clothing fetish. I look forward to our bi-annual trips to Pittsburgh each year almost exclusively because they have fantastic and affordable vintage stores. I actually have dreams every now and again that I am in a warehouse full of vintage clothing (from every era imaginable) and it’s all free, it’s amazing.

Below: Kysa Johnson’s ‘Bank of America waiting room’ installation at The Armory Show (click here for more information about the art installation).


Kysa’s latest exhibition: ‘blow up 250 – be it ever so humble – subatomic decay patterns after Wyandanch, Payne & Rennert’ at the Halsey Mckay Gallery. The exhibition consists out of a sculptural chalk on blackboard drawing, Johnson employs subatomic decay patterns to define a Hamptons landscape occupied by 3 homes: a wigwam typical of the Montauk, John Howard Payne’s grandfather’s humble estate, and a contemporary palatial one. (for more information, click here)


Below: ‘blow up 181 – subatomic decay patterns after Piranesi’s Funereal Urns’, 2012.


For more information on Kysa Johnson, please visit her website, wikipedia-page or 

Photography by the Halsey McKay and Renato Ghiazza.

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Tis the season to be THANKFUL…
We wanted to share some of the things, small and large, that we here at Dizon Inc. are thankful for:

At the top of our list is
who come in every season and kick fashion #$@!!
2. The fact that NYC comes together in the best way under the worst of circumstances.

But what we are truly still savoring over here is this guy:

3.Thank God Barack Obama is still our President!!

then there are the little things like:
4. Hot Toddies on cold nights
5. Cappuccinos from La Colombe
6. Wolford wool tights
7. Homeland
8. Panna Cotta with aged balsamico from Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

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As you have probably noticed by now, NYC is experiencing some major heat waves lately! Even indoors it seems as if you just can’t cool down. Well we here at Dizon Inc have discovered a neighborhood spot that has us dreaming of snow in the middle of summer, snow-cones that is. The local Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls, located at 124 MacDougal Street, is just the place to satisfy your ice cold treat needs! Enjoy!

Visit them on twitter at:

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Watching “jiro dreams of sushi” was like a sweet escape. Jiro, his sons, and apprentices are irresistible and remarkable in their singular focus and dedication, especially in comparison to our overstimulated multitasking lives. Go see it at IFC before May 10th if you can. It is time well spent. This quiet and elegant film is a meditation on work, family and the art of perfection. It centers on 85-year-old Jiro Ono’s restaurant, inauspiciously located in a Tokyo subway station, which has been honored with three Michelin stars.

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Odin recently opened a pop-up store in the East Village, at 330 East 11th Street, which offers their growing selection of fragrances for sale. The store is a collaboration with Snarkitecture who created the sculptural installation to display the unisex fragrances and candles. The installation consists of plaster casts from the Odin fragrance bottles. On the ceiling they created a wave of the plaster bottles, while in the middle of the store they are clustered together to display the fragrances.

When visiting the pop-up store you will feel like you are entering a space of relaxation, an escape from the busy streets in the city! An advisor, completely dressed in white, will guide you through the different scents and explain the ingredients, helping you to find the perfect scent for you.


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Anyone who has walked through the subway station at West 4th Street might be wondering the same thing as a few of us here at the Dizon Inc. office, what is The Great Googa Mooga? There are billboards bombarding you as you walk down the hallway, covering the walls of the station with photos of top NYC chefs and their respective restaurants.

This prompted me to google Googa Mooga once I arrived at work. According to the website,, The Great Googa Mooga is “An amusement park of food & drink… something wonderfully great.” There will be live musical acts to accompany your food and drink consumption, as well as featured guest speakers. An amusement park of food and drink with live music? Well sign me up! Here at the office we take our food seriously and were all over this, even setting an alarm to remind us to register for tickets! Luckily we were all able to get tickets and are patiently awaiting May 19th & 20th to enjoy the festivities. Will you be going to The Great Googa Mooga?