NYC Culture

Anyone who has walked through the subway station at West 4th Street might be wondering the same thing as a few of us here at the Dizon Inc. office, what is The Great Googa Mooga? There are billboards bombarding you as you walk down the hallway, covering the walls of the station with photos of top NYC chefs and their respective restaurants.

This prompted me to google Googa Mooga once I arrived at work. According to the website,, The Great Googa Mooga is “An amusement park of food & drink… something wonderfully great.” There will be live musical acts to accompany your food and drink consumption, as well as featured guest speakers. An amusement park of food and drink with live music? Well sign me up! Here at the office we take our food seriously and were all over this, even setting an alarm to remind us to register for tickets! Luckily we were all able to get tickets and are patiently awaiting May 19th & 20th to enjoy the festivities. Will you be going to The Great Googa Mooga?


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