‘Wall Piercing’
Ron Gilad

Set designs for fashion shows at the Tents at Lincoln Center rely on creative light and easily installed constructions for flat plains of white wall. There are only a few hours between shows on each runway for the previous designer to break down their set and load out, and for the next designer to load in and make the space their own. We are always looking for inspirational ideas to transform the blank canvas of the Lincoln Center runways, so it was exciting to discover this light installation at the Design Museum in London, designed by Ron Gilad for the Italian manufacturer Flos.

The museum describes: “Each piercing is an austere hood of LEDs lodged shallowly into a wall, which diffuses its own shadow as if shrouded by a light tulle fog. By linking multiple units, a pattern of light can be woven across a surface, with each piercing serving as a single ‘pixel’ in a larger image. An entire ‘pierced’ wall or ceiling can alter the appearance and mood of its environment with each shift in the colour and intensity of light.”‘

The lights cycle through a rainbow spectrum of colors, one slowly melting into the next. The effect is simple, mesmerizing, beautiful, and even a little tough.


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