Makeup Breakdown

Its easy in the fashion industry to get lost in time. Just when you are sick of every single item in your winter wardrobe, wondering whether your skin will ever again see light unfiltered by the coils of a wool sweater, the fashion world throws you a whole month of clothing to keep you tethered to that winter attitude. Can I already be mentally applying the dark and moody makeup of the Fall 2011 shows, when all I really want is a face tinged with sunburn to prove I exist? I burn, therefore I am.

Even though the first day of April in New York is swirling with snowflakes, spring WILL come. I have to remind myself how last September I was eagerly waiting to pair Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2011 Hair and Makeup (by Paul Hanlon and Diane Kendal, respectively) with light, sunny clothing. Proenza’s beauty is always appealing because it feels attainable and embraces LIVING. I see my own bird’s nest hair and dark eye circles every morning in the mirror as I fly out the door and can pretend, “that’s ok, its Proenza.” Well, maybe its a far stretch, but there is something cool about embracing the flaws, because modern girls can’t spend their lives at a vanity. We have places to go, bird’s nests and all.

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